A Message From Our Founders

History map

We started JMS in 2006 after accumulating years of consulting experience with several of the largest accounting firms in the world. At the time we knew there was considerable need for unclaimed property and escheat services, and our goal was to present our unique way of doing things to what we perceived to be an underserved market.

From the beginning, JMS has been a firm focused on sensible growth, built on financial strength and a commitment to working together with clients to achieve mutual goals. Our project management style and emphasis on technology resources has created the types of efficiencies often missing from interactions with larger firms. The client-customized expertise has been a hallmark of our delivery model since inception, as we always strive to help companies simplify operations, reduce costs and increase benefits from what has historically been a cost-center compliance mentality. We handle every client situation as if the issues and challenges presented are shared, and we are constantly finding new ways to better serve our customers and advance our business.


James O. Santivanez President & CEO

For the past 20 years, James has provided guidance and consultation to clients in all industries regarding unclaimed property and state/local tax matters. Amongst other specialties, he works with clients to design and implement complex compliance solutions, negotiates amnesty/voluntary disclosure agreements to mitigate and resolve unclaimed property liabilities, and provides representation for third party and state unclaimed property audits.


Sherridan Santivanez Founder, Director

An experienced advocate who got started in the industry at Arthur Andersen, Sherridan is an audit defense specialist who provides expert guidance representing client interests before state enforcement authorities. A steadfast believer in holders’ rights, Sherridan works with clients to develop strategic and tactical audit preparation, and efficiently manages audits for some of the largest companies in the world. She routinely handles all types of audit issues and interactions with state and third-party audit firms.

Our People & Our Process

Our people make us who we are today. And who we plan to be tomorrow.

As a knowledge-based business, we have a passion for making a profound difference. JMS professionals partner with our clients and collaborate with their colleagues to develop the next generation of innovative solutions. The caliber of our people and their dedication to quality service directly impacts our success, the success of our clients, and the ability to make a difference in the unclaimed property consulting industry. We hire, train, and retain the best to ensure our clients benefit from experienced and supportive leadership, and a talented team who create and share common goals with each project.

JMS is a firm dedicated to escheat process development and improvement. It is our mission to help our clients mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities resulting from accurate and properly managed unclaimed property compliance. Our process starts by getting to know you – your realm of responsibilities and needs, what your concerns are, the unique purpose that the engagement of JMS serves, and what drives your business goals.

The value of our services and related delivery processes are only fully realized when we have aligned with you, the client.

Growing Strong

Over the past 10 years JMS has become a remarkable success story in our industry, having not only survived – but thrived – during the economic downturn. Revenues have grown steadily year over year, increasing more than tenfold since our first full year of operations. Starting out as 2 experts who decided the market was ripe for an improved way to provide unclaimed property consulting, 10 years later we now run a firm with the number of people and level of resources on par or exceeding that of our greatest competitors, with clients based all over the United States.

We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish with the hard work of our associates, the strength and uniqueness of our service offerings, and the confidence of our clients during our 10 years in the industry. We expect our growth trend to continue at our current rates of expansion for the foreseeable future. However, no matter how large our firm gets, we’ll never stop delivering the personal touch and customized client satisfaction model that we made a priority 10 years ago.