"During this last couple of years, I tried to be objective and humble due to my lack of experience with Unclaimed Property, yet most of the advice received just didn't add up. This project seems to be been self-perpetuating due to conservative overkill…I fear that in this current risk averse environment, consultants and holders will develop impractical and costly practices that never honestly occurred to the states. Then, after the states have enjoyed the windfall they will have long forgotten the intent of law. We are not complying with an unpopular law as much as we are creating it. Clients really do need the advice of a firm like yours that is interested in full compliance, yet can come to a realistic and reasonable determination of prior liabilities and future best practices. Thanks again for your willingness to help."

Sr. Tax Manager (Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company)

"[Name omitted], hope all is going well for you in the New Year. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your referral for consulting assistance on our escheat matter. We ended up working extensively with James at his new firm. We achieved an outstanding result…”

VP & Corporate Counsel (Fortune 100 Financial Services Company)

"We have been working with JMS since the start of our audit... and are using them as an extension of our audit team. JMS has helped us tremendously with managing the audit. They always ensure that the records requested by the auditors are relevant and within the scope of the audit. As you know, the extrapolated potential liability in an Unclaimed Property Audit can be colossal, therefore they always recalculate the company's potential liability to keep us apprised. To sum it up, we could not have managed the Unclaimed Property Audit efficiently without their professional advice and guidance."

Tax Manager (Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company)

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
"James is, in my opinion, the foremost unclaimed property expert in the country. His in depth knowledge of the subject and his willingness to find the best possible answers for his clients make his recommendations and solutions an invaluable resource. [We] had the good sense to hire James and it was my pleasure to work with him."

Anthony Higgins – Tax Manager (Fortune 500 Office Supply Company)

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
"James is an expert in the field of unclaimed property. He has both accounting and legal expertise to help companies with filing of State returns and with setting up strategies to minimize exposure. He and his company offer outstanding service at a reasonable price.”

Chuck Miller – Director of Accounting (publicly-traded restaurant company)

Personable, Expert, Good Value
“We have used [JMS] in an advisory capacity for several months involving some delicate issues and are in the processof contracting his group to do some more extensive business planning over the next several months. James and his group have been an invaluable asset in treading the difficult Unclaimed Property waters.”

John Howe – CFO (publicly-traded retailer)

Great Results, Expert, Creative
"An excellent resource for a QSR that required in-depth knowledge of Unclaimed Property Stored Value accounting. James and his team provided real-time updates on late breaking regulations and trends that guided us in the design of the Gift Card products. When you hire [JMS], you get a connected and savvy partner, not just a service.”

Patrick Forney – Gift Card Services Consultant

"[The auditor] from [external audit firm] just called and asked me about starting the audit. She was very happy and upbeat when she called, but when I explained that you guys were going to help us work through the process, you would have thought I told her that the earth was coming to an end. She was clearly no longer excited about our project.”

Sr. Vice President-Accounting (publicly-traded REIT)

One of our current clients, commenting on his pre-engagement due diligence: “By the way, the references were glowing so you have a big reputation to live up to.”