Total Escheat Management®

Our Total Escheat Management® process has been tested, refined and proven to save our clients time and money year after year.

The advantages of outsourcing your company’s unclaimed property compliance include:

  • Hard cost savings - reduction in amounts remitted to states; we analyze your information for all exemptions, deductions & exclusions that can be applied to reportable amounts.
  • Soft cost savings - reduction in resource allocation to this function; you will save hundreds of man-hours and benefit from the re-direction of existing resources
  • Our fees are fixed - no surprises; budgeting for this process is simplified.
  • Improved accuracy and completeness of compliance means fiscal savings and peace of mind when internal and external auditors arrive.

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Exemption Identification

After providing your data to JMS, we constantly review it for allowable exemptions and deductions such as: B2B exemptions and de minimis deductions. By reviewing your data early and often it is not only easier to recognize exemptions, but it also allows for more accurate forecasting of future liabilities.

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Due Diligence

Almost every state requires due diligence to be performed before filing your company’s unclaimed property report. JMS will print, mail and track all due diligence letters for you to keep your desk free and clear of a heavy paper load.

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State Reporting

Unclaimed Property reports are due in 50 states and all US territories. JMS will compile all of your reportable data then prepare and process each state report. Promptly after reporting ends, we will assemble a reporting package that will include due diligence responses, report copies and tracking information for you to keep for your records.

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Client Updates

Even when it is not reporting season we like to stay in touch with our TEM® clients on a weekly basis. Our relationships with clients are what we pride ourselves on. This consistent communication allows us to address your concerns and questions before they become potential issues during reporting season.

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Quaterly Recon

JMS will reconcile your company’s unclaimed property data and send an easy to read summary report as often as once a month. We create a reporting calendar that works for your company to provide a peace of mind that unclaimed property compliance is being handled appropriately and on time.